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Our Partnership with Skipp

Designer-grade kitchens made affordable

Jeid Studio is very passionate about providing great design to everyone, regardless of financial situation. We often notice design professionals are the first to go when budget constraints come into play. Contractors or laborers are at a close second. In this age of YouTube and DIY tutorials, we get it! Sometimes rolling up your sleeves is what it takes. Unfortunately by doing so you may risk making selections that don't flow the way you thought they would in your head or make costly mistakes that set you back in time or money.

But what if you could accomplish more with less? What if you could see exactly what your future kitchen could look like through 3D renderings and designs from top designers around the country?

Meet SKIPP. A company who has streamlined the process of renovating to give you 3D measurements, renderings, pricing and architect grade documentation for you to move forward with your project in complete confidence.

Technology meets designer kitchens

Keeping it simple

We’ve simplified the often overwhelming and pricey kitchen remodel process to provide you tailored and affordable planning. Within 24 hours, you receive layout design options embedded with architectural standards, and based to your existing kitchen usage preferences. We focus on fully transparent best pricing and cost-saving solutions.

  • Step 1: Schedule a scan

    • A single 30 minute 3D survey of your home unlocks an equivalent of 70 hrs of architectural grade work.


  • Step 2: Review layouts

    • Within 3 days you’ll receive various layouts to see the full range of possibilities, with cost estimates upfront.


  • Step 3: Visualize design and materials

    • Meet with a Skipp design consultant and select different designs, each of which are meticulously developed by a top tier architect or designer. We also render your EXACT space with the design.


  • Step 4: Receive architect grade documents and plans

    • Receive architect grade documentation and plans to help you approach renovations like a professional.


  • Step 5: Start contractor bids and construction

    • Skipp can send out professional bids for your projects to get you the best contractor. On average we see a 25% reduction on labor due to the quality of the plans and time we save contractors.





3D rendering of kitchen

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