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Jeid Studio offers design services nationwide that range in scale from new construction to the redesign of a single room.

You deserve to live in a space that feels like a sanctuary and we understand

the process of getting there is often daunting and overwhelming. We are here to help.

Interior Design Services

New Construction

Building a house? Congratulations! There are a number of details ahead of you and we want to help alleviate the stress that often comes along with mass-decision-making. We will be there to ensure every choice we make will develop into a beautiful and cohesive home.

Having an interior designer on your team is like having an advocate for the life you’ve imagined living in your new space. The Jeid Studio team will facilitate communication with contractors on-site so you can focus on your daily life without unnecessary disruptions.

Home Renovation

As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons – make lemonade. Your current home has all the potential it needs to be transformed into incredible, life-giving spaces – it’s just a bit of a puzzle that we love to work through.

Whether it’s a room or two that need some work or a complete rehaul, we love dreaming up master plans that will elevate your home into the haven you won’t want to leave. Renos take a little extra handholding at times and we are ready to clearly and efficiently communicate the plan to your contractors.

Room Design

Interior design can easily become an overwhelming feat for many people. Making decisions and spending money when you aren’t confident can be a recipe for anxiety and buyer’s remorse. Our passion for furniture, fabrics, textures, patterns, and decor drive us to push the envelope with each design.

There is a lot that goes into coordinating and executing a well-designed room. We can incorporate existing pieces collected over the years or help you start fresh. We’ll uncover your personal style and reveal a finished space that truly reflects you.


1. Orientation

We would love to schedule a phone call or meet in person to gain a clear direction of the project ahead. We ask that you complete and submit our new client survey before our call so we can hit the ground running with all the info we need! Then, we will dive into all the design details. We start out by collecting photos and dimensions of your home or room. From there, we will create floor plans, mood boards, and in some cases, 3-D renderings. These items and all future documents will be hosted in our client portal. This ensures communication is easy, organized, and all in one place.

2. Design Selections

After receiving your sign-off on the design concepts, we will begin making specific selections and curate visuals of what your space could develop into. During this time, we are collecting all the goods, including (but not limited to) flooring, plumbing, cabinetry, lighting, finish carpentry, paint, furniture, window coverings, rugs, decor, and artwork. We will work through different iterations of proposals and pricing until you are fully comfortable and confident the proposal is exactly how it should be. At this point we will collect a deposit and move onto logistics.

3. Logistics

While we may be a little more quiet during this phase, we will be busy placing all of your orders, tracking your items, and coordinating shipment or storage. We can manage the necessary contractors, movers, installers, and photographer for the big delivery day. We will kick you out of the house as we work our magic and invite you home only after every product has been unpacked and carefully placed.

4. Follow Up

We want to know of any issues and make sure you are totally satisfied with your new product. We ask you to take note of anything that is concerning to you — whether a missing felt pad or a scratch in the picture frame and let us know ASAP. We will coordinate any repairs or final tweaks that need to happen to ensure you are completely satisfied with your new space. As always, we would appreciate a review or even better, refer us to your friends!

“Good design is an investment that empowers your home to be the sanctuary you deserve.”

Jessi Economos

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