JEssi Economos

Founder, Interior Designer

When I sit down and consider what a home should be, the words that come to mind are personal, comfortable and beautiful. Whether you consider yourself a homebody or not, I believe a home should be so inviting, you can’t help but want to spend your time there. Designing a home for a new client is like solving a big, beautiful puzzle. I love the process of learning who that individual is, what they stand for, how they live and what they are passionate about. Translating that into layouts, shapes, textures, colors, and patterns is something my heart will never tire of because it is unique every time. Design isn’t just my occupation, it’s also my joy.


As a designer, I’m so privileged to have the honor of transforming houses into homes. Having a hand in developing such a sacred space is something I do not take lightly. Home is the backdrop and foundation for your life’s most precious stories and memories.

For me, a space that functions seamlessly for my client’s life is just as essential as a space that reflects my client’s aesthetic. This principle is at the heart of my design approach. I don’t accept the concept that things can either function well or be beautiful – they can be both. But it does take a trained eye and respect for the details to execute it properly.

my story

I graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. I fell in love with interior design right off the bat. My friends would often take my flash drive away from me on the weekends so I would actually take a break! I was in love.. what can I say??

After four years of working in the high-end residential world, I found myself dreaming of more. I had new ideas and passions that could only be fulfilled by taking a leap of faith and betting on myself. Dreams of starting my own business turned into reality at the start of 2020.  

With my tech guy's help (AKA my husband), we developed systems and processes to enhance the journey my clients would take. The amount of details and decisions within a home is astounding. While it seems I'll never be "finished" with my client journey refinement process, I'm proud of what we've built so far. Our goal is to not only create stunning designs that tug at our clients' heartstrings, but also to be the best in the industry at communicating the details to contractors and builders! This sets us up perfectly for projects near and far!